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    Privacy notice

    This content indicates how the client's data will be used and protected by the SiDoIt store. When the client registers data on this website, he will automatically accept the rules of use, protection and security that are mentioned here.
    1. Security and Protection of your Personal Data
    The security of the customer's personal data is a priority for the SiDoIt store. This website offers the highest level of security.
    In practice, the client can recognize that the transaction he is performing is protected by a secure server when his browser shows a key or a closed padlock on the left side (if he uses Netscape), or a closed padlock on the part right (if you use Internet Explorer).
    In addition, on our shopping site, the customer can verify that the security certificate that has been granted is present.
    2. Your Privacy
    The SiDoIt store respects your privacy. All information provided to us will be treated with care while maintaining its integrity, and will only be used by the SiDoIt store.
    3. How is your information obtained?
    The SiDoIt store respects the client's privacy, so all information provided to us will be treated with care, maintaining its integrity, and will only be used by the SiDoIt store.
    4. User or client registration
    To be able to make different transactions or to be able to purchase products in our virtual store, it is necessary to first register on the website by entering the user, password and personal data. It is also necessary to accept these security policies and the terms of use of the website.
    5. Secret Key
    The user will choose, once registered, a name and password or key that will allow personalized, confidential and secure access. The user will have the possibility of changing the access code, for which he will have to follow the procedure established in the respective site. The user assumes full responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of their secret password registered on this website, which allows you to make purchases, request services and obtain information. This key is for personal use and its delivery to third parties, does not involve responsibility of the SiDoIt store in case of misuse.

    6. How do we use customer information?
    The stored if you do not use the customer information to:
    1. The specific purpose for which it was provided (transactions and sales over the Internet).
    2. Know tastes, preferences and characteristics of our market.
    When the client registers his personal data, he will be automatically authenticating and storing.
    7. General recommendations on the protection of your privacy.
    When you leave our website, end your customer registration session and close the browser window, so that third parties can not access your personal data, especially when using public computers or becoming shared. Storage is not responsible for this case.